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What will my child be doing at preschool?

At Woodbine Road Preschool we provide a play-based program to develop all-round competence in children.  Teaching staff will carefully select and set set up learning stations and explore the childrens interests expanding on current interests, which are relevant and educational for each individual child within the group, to facilitate the learning process.

During a normal session the children will enjoy an appropriate balance of:

  • Indoor play (painting, playdough, drawing, pasting etc.)
  • Loose parts and openended matierals
  • Outdoor play (swinging, climbing, digging, water play etc.)
  • Mat or group times (singing, dancing, playing games, discussions)
  • Snack time (eating a healthy snack with a drink of water)
  • Story time (being told or read a story), and
  • HAVING FUN!!!!!



We believe that early childhood education is the foundation for the rest of children’s lives and therefore we believe that learning life skills is important.  The children will learn to respect each other, to work together, share, cooperate, listen to others, express their feelings, and they will learn to problem solve.  This will be done with the assistance of adults and then encouraged on their own.  All children will be encouraged and guided to develop to their fullest potential.

We believe that teachers need to imerse themselves in the children’s way of learning, and at times encouraged children to involve themselves in activities that they have not tried before so that all children will be given the opportunities to develop to their fullest potential.  We therefore will provide experiences/equipment that children can use to experiment and explore in the way they choose.


Our broad aim for the preschool is to encourage each child to acquire the social, perceptual motor skills, general knowledge and school preparatory skills considered developmentally appropriate for his/her age group.

We believe children learn best in an environment that is relaxed, secure and happy.  We provide an environment which is “play based”, this simply means that children are able to develop skills and abilities through play.  Numerous studies have shown young children learn best through interaction with their environment.  If we noticed that children were interested in “measuring/weighing” items, rather than the teacher sitting with the whole group and verbally explaining “how” we weigh and measure using scales etc. it would be far more “developmentally appropriate” to provide children with tape measures, pieces of wood, a trough of water with measuring cups etc.  This is an excellent example of play-based activity as opposed to a structured adult directed program, which is inappropriate for 3-5 year old children. 


The four key points we feel are important are:

  • Positive Self Esteem  

We believe in developing a child’s skills and abilities by building on their strengths and weaknesses, by providing challenges which will encourage the children to explore, investigate, experiment and problem solve.  We will offer positive reinforcement for every attempt.

  • Independence

The children will be encouraged to make decisions and choices for themselves; we will encourage them to be responsible for their own actions and belongings.  We feel children should be involved in tasks that need to be carried out throughout the session, ie. Responsibility chart, putting on own smock, helping to pack away.

  • Kindness/Respect of Others

We believe in discouraging aggressive behaviour and encouraging children to use a variety of strategies to express their feelings/thoughts in an appropriate way.  At the preschool adults give praise and positive reinforcement for a variety of social behaviour.  We believe in developing the children’s understanding of why sharing and cooperating benefits everybody.  We will also encourage the children the respect others rights, and personal space.

  • A Sense of Belonging

All children will be welcomed and valued in a peer social group outside of the family home, all children will be encouraged to participate in the peer group as an equal member.  Having a “Sense of Belonging” builds positive self-esteem, a sense of belonging helps children to become an acceptable member of the society.  The preschool environment is a small “community” with love, respect, cooperation and kindness being constantly promoted, it is our goal to allow all children to reach their full potential.


We believe that families are the children’s first teachers and the first contact with learning.  We feel that the parents know their children better than we do and therefore we will liaise and discuss with parents and encourage parents to question, query, request and express concerns and opinions.  Families can provide many interesting learning experiences within the centre, i.e. cook traditional family biscuits, reading stories etc.