Fee Information


4yo Kinder 2020 $425 per term* 
Our 4yo kinder program includes 15 hours per week 
If you are a Health Care Card or Pension Card Holder, you may be eligible to receive a Kindergarten Fee Subsidy (please see further details below).
For families that may experience financial difficultes with this fee increase, please speak to our Administration Officer who would be more than willing to set up an individual payment plan.

At Woodbine Road Preschool our fees include:

  • Equipment and Resources
  • Incursions
  • Excursions
  • Special Occasions/Celebrations (ie. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day)
  • Personalised Individual Portfolios
  • Maintenance to avoid the expectation of working bees
  • Specialised programming from cooking to gardening, library, ICT and ipads, animal care and safety

Any additional programs offered by our Fundraising Committee are purely voluntary.

Kindergarten Fee Subsidy
Health Care Card/Pension Benefit Card holders (please see full list of eligible card holders in our Fee Policy) are entitled to recieve a Kindergarten Fee Subsidy from the Government which enables eligible children to attend our 4 year old kindergarten program free of charge or at minimal cost.  This amount is determined by both the State Government and Woodbine Road Preschool each year.  Please produce your current card to our Administration Officer to recieve this subsidy. 
Early Start Kindergarten Fee Subsidy
Three-year-old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and children known to Child Protection are eligible to attend a funded early childhood program that is planned and delivered by a qualified early childhood teacher free of charge. The service receives funding for children who meet the eligibility criteria. Contact the service for further information.
Twins Discount
Parents/Guardians of children enrolling twins in our four year old program qualify for a 10% discount of fees for the second child enrolling.

Late Collection Charge
The Committee of Management reserves the right to implement a late collection charge when parents/guardians are frequently late in collecting a child from the service. This charge is currently $1.00 per minute overdue, and is set at a level determined by the Committee of Management (refer Arrival & Departure Policy). If on the rare occasion you happen to be running late, please phone the Preschool to let the educators a courtesy call.